FAELIX are KeySIM’s exclusive ISP

FAELIX were incorporated in 2006. Based in South Manchester they work with a diverse range of clients throughout the UK, providing reliable virtual and dedicated hosting, delivering fast connectivity and building secure networks. FAELIX are experienced network operators and can build enterprise and carrier networks to support businesses, including the secure integration of KeySIM into your infrastructure.

Livewire logo

Livewire were founded in 1999, and are an established UK distributor of Huawei’s mobile routers and dongles. Livewire are the distribution and first line support partner for KeySIM. They deal with the majority of support and service enquiries which often relate to simple hardware settings.

Stripe logo

Secure payment processing powered by Stripe

Your payment data is in safe hands with KeySIM. Our payment system is managed by Stripe. Information on the security controls implemented by Stripe can be found here https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe

Stripe process the payment for your initial order and the monthly subscription, remember you are free to cancel this subscription at any time by logging into your subscription account and selecting ‘cancel service’ this will automatically cancel recurring payments immediately.