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Pricing Information - Premium

KeySIM utilises billions of pounds worth of additional infrastructure than normal SIM's. It is designed for when you have no service on your primary SIM and provides reassurance to you and your family or work colleagues that you remain contactable.

To connect separately to each network on minimum packages would cost around £500.00 per year however we offer a simple plan where you pay a monthly access fee and just add data top ups when needed, that never expire.

Monthly access fee - £6
Data top ups per 1000MB* - £5

1000MB equates to around 1,000,000 WhatsApp messages or 2,000 WhatsApp voice minutes.

Choose a SIM only package or combine with a Huawei E5577 pocket wifi router for £60.

(Prices include VAT.)

What our customers say

Hi Graham, the SIM has worked really well at places I usually get zero connectivity. Today I walked the dogs to my local. It’s a black spot for 4G but I managed a connection.

I've also had it to a couple of fishing marks where I get no signal and got better download speeds than my hard wired connection at home.
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From Scotland

I'm so happy I can actually function from one space, it's a big relief from a daily frustration!!

For anyone that lives in the country internet is usually a nightmare and I was so fed up with it. Don't ask me the tech details of how it works but it does!
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From Breconshire

Great result! Connected phone, ipad and tv to the router. Streamed live tv programmes and youtube music with no problems from buffering. Fantastic product!
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From Welshpool