Frequenty Asked Questions.

What is the difference between KeySIM mobile broadband (MBB) and KeySIM M2M?

Technically nothing. The difference is in the price plans. M2M packages are designed for low data use (sub 20Mb a month) whereas MBB is designed for higher usage applications.

What are the options for fixed IP?

We can allocate public fixed IP's or private fixed IP's to your SIM's. Our preference is private fixed IP's in conjunction with one of our virtual routers as this provides you with a greater level of security.

Can you create an IPSec tunnel between our IT infrastructure and our KeySIM's?

Yes you can, and more.

How do I programme my hardware?

Enter APN name 'key' (no password). Set network selection to 'auto' & KeySIM will switch networks if you drop out of service on the last known netowrk. You can set network selection to 'manual' and select a specific network but remember to change this back to 'auto' if you want KeySIM to automatically switch networks.

Why is KeySIM broadband data more costly than normal SIMs?

KeySIM is a specialist multi carrier connectivity network making it naturally more expensive than a single carrier, whilst there is a price premium for extra coverage and resilience, using KeySIM is far cheaper than contracting with all networks separately, which would be the only way of boosting coverage to the same level.

Why use this when I can just get 2 SIM's and put one in my dual SIM phone?

2 separate SIM's will definitely boost coverage but not to the same level as KeySIM, there will still be areas where KeySIM can connect but your phone cannot (unless you used KeySIM as your 2nd SIM)

This is amazing why has it not been done before?

We are not the first to offer a multi network SIM but we believe KeySIM is the first fully licensed SIM to connect to all 4 UK networks, optimised for mobile web browsing.

Am I locked in contract?

Absolutely not. KeySIM operates on a monthly rolling contract. You are free to cancel at any time before your monthly renewal date.

Can I use KeySIM for voice calls and SMS?

Voice can be enabled for emergency or M2M use for UK only. SMS messages can be sent to and from your KeySIMs, using either our online management portal or API integration.

Can I use KeySIM instead of my existing SIM?

KeySIM is predominantly data only at the moment and it is likely to be more expensive than your existing SIM, we recommend it is used as a back up in areas that you struggle to get signal, or if your primary network has an outage.

Will KeySIM work everywhere?

KeySIM will work wherever there is 2g, 3g or 4g coverage on at least one of the networks.

Can I use KeySIM in Europe?

Yes. Just enable euro roaming in your profile.

Can I use KeySIM outside of Europe?

Not as standard however it is possible to do this, it can be costly depending on where you plan to visit, please contact us to discuss further.

What else is coming in future?

Lots. Things like Secure data hosting, managed web browsing, converged services, optimisation of social media browsing & parental controls are coming soon.

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