How it works

keysim sim card

KeySIM is a highly specialised data SIM which boosts 4G coverage.

KeySIM is unique as it connects to multiple mobile networks whereas a normal SIM can only connect to one to establish its connection to the internet.

By using multiple networks the SIM has a much better chance of being in range of a mobile mast that can establish a 4G connection. Reported figures show that a single network SIM can provide around 66% coverage whereas all four combined can provide 91% - based on these figures KeySIM reduces the likelihood of no connection by over 70%.

Private & Secure Connectivity

Public WiFi is a hackers dream - they can intercept your connection and cause significant harm.

KeySIM provides a private connection, secure from prying eyes enabling you, your colleagues and your family to enjoy unrivalled download speeds across multiple networks without significant risk of being hacked.

Stay connected during an outage

Local Network outages are common as networks upgrade and repair infrastructure, resulting in loss of connection for those affected. Sometimes there are major UK wide outages that have a huge impact on consumers and businesses throughout the country.

KeySIM is a fantastic back up connection for when your primary SIM is effected by an outage as it can switch between networks, if one has an outage it can just switch to another.

Reduce 4G black spots

There is nothing more frustrating than being away from your home or the office without mobile WiFi when you really need it.

4G black spots are areas where your primary SIM is out of range from a mobile mast and preventing you from connecting to the internet. A single network connection in the UK is up to 3 times more likely to be in a blackspot than KeySIM which covers an incredible 92% of UK landmass.*

By combining the power of multiple networks KeySIM reduces black spots and gets you securely connected when you need it most.

Connects across Europe

KeySIM can be used on multiple networks across Europe.

European roaming data is the same price as UK – there is just a one off fee of £4.95 to enable European roaming which covers you for 30 days.

You can add European roaming by logging to your subscriptions account and setting a roaming schedule.

No minimum contract & no hidden costs

We think you will love KeySIM and stay with us for many years but If you want to leave for any reason you can do so at any time. Simply log on and select ‘cancel service’ and we will cancel your subscription immediately.

There are no hidden costs in our pricing model - we believe in simple fair and transparent pricing for everybody and don’t feel the need to lock customers into minimum contracts.

Pricing and Ordering