Meet the team behind the UK’s fastest growing IOT SIM card


Graham Robinson ACMA

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Graham is a CIMA qualified accountant. He sees himself as a budding technical designer, but the jury is out on that one!

Before starting KeySIM he designed an IoT service protecting thousands of vulnerable Lone Workers. The service was providing handheld GPS devices to people who work alone who could press the SOS button and summon help if they were attacked. He was influential in the development of a new smart ID badge holder which went on to be deployed around the world at scale by manufacturer Teltonika networks. You can read more about the device, the GH5200 - Teltonika Telematics (

The devices used IoT SIM Cards to connect the device so if somebody was attacked they pressed the SOS button and the device sent the emergency message using the SIM card. Relying on SIM cards to protect thousands of people crystalised his belief that there was room or an alternative to major IoT SIM card providers. You can read more about read more about his Lone Worker project in this Vodafone case study.

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James Adam BEng (hons)

Co-founder & CTO

James is primarily a software developer who specialises in high volume data processing, systems integrations and design. He has decades of experience in designing and developing mission critical systems from the ground up across all facets including the device hardware and embedded firmware, the network communication systems, server and storage infrastucture along with all of the bespoke processing and management software to deliver and support all of the systems.

Prior to starting KeySIM, James designed and developed all of the supporting infrastucture and software for the IoT Lone Worker service as specified by Graham. James has also been responsible for the development of Alarm Monitoring Software which was used by many large UK Alarm receiving centers to monitor over half of the UKs monitored alarm systems. More recently he has contributed to the hardware design and developed firmware for devices which protect vulnerable people or property, along with developing the processing and management software and the associated systems to support them. All of these devices use IoT SIM Cards to provide the communication backbone. He has also designed and developed systems to optimise and integrate information flow and communications between private alarm receiving centres / private security services and UK emergency services.