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KeySIM Financial Statements & KPI’s

July 2023 marked our first proper years trading and we welcomed some of the biggest brand names and public sector organisations to our portfolio.

The popularity of the UK’s best and fastest growing IoT SIM card continues to soar as we enter the beginning of the 2024 financial year.

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Full Financial statements 2022/2023

Tele2 IoT feature KeySIM in sustainable IoT SIM case study.

KeySIM are delighted to have been featured by Tele2 IoT for our contribution to making IoT more sustainable, primarily by increasing uptime and reducing site visits.

All this has been achieved by taking a multi network SIM card that connects to Vodafone, O2, EE & Three, making it steerable and having SMS and voice capabilities to hand as well, plus being contactable 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

You can read more from our IoT partner here -

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KeySIM data consumption surpasses 20 million megabytes in 2022 & onboards first 100 customers

KeySIM are delighted to have surpassed two milestones in 2022 with over 20 million of data transmitted and over 100 customers signed up to our unique service.

Graham Robinson, Managing Director of Key IoT Limited commented:

‘2022 was a breakthrough year for us and we haven’t started yet! More new features are due in 2023 and beyond as we continue to match our unique IoT capability to the precise needs of our customers’

KeySIM featured in mobile news
Worlds first network steerable SIM featured in mobile news

KeySIM's world first network switching module & work in the broadcast industry was recently featured in mobile news.

Read the article at

KeySIM expand network steering globally

KeySIM are excited to be expanding our unique network steering module across our global footprint.

Network steering enables users to switch a KeySIM to the network of their choice and has proved popular in both the UK & Europe, particularly on live broadcast applications.

Your updated list of global networks & data pricing is available here

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KeySIM Registered with Achilles

KeySIM are delighted to have been awarded Achilles UVDB Silver Plus registration.

Further information on what Achilles registration can be found at

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KeySIM partner with Insight UK

Insight UK are a large IT service provider to the public sector.

KeySIM are delighted to be appointment as a Insight UK partner.

Graham Robinson, co-founder of KeySIM commented 'it is fantastic to be partnering with Insight UK - a special thanks to our ISP Faelix Limited for significant contribution to KeySIM. We are very much looking forward to serving the public sector for years to come'.

Further information on Insight UK can be found below.

Build Business Resilience | Tech Solutions | Insight UK

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KeySIM receive Tech4Techs award

We are delighted to have been awarded highly recommended following an independant review by Tech4Techs - the full review can be watched here.

Follow this link to see the review.

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North Wales coverage test highlights the importance of multiple 4G network carrier access

Following our test studies in Shropshire - Shropshire network test results - we will be following up with more UK regions and publishing the results on our news feed.

The most recent test area was North Wales and results can be found below - as we found in Shropshire to achieve maximum 4G coverage you must have access to multiple networks as the coverage fluctuates from carrier to carrier.

Follow this link to see the North Wales results.

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OFCOM statistics show 70% blackspot reduction achievable using multi carrier connectivity

An extract from OFCOM's 'connected nations' report lays out the benefits of deploying multi carrier connectivity to your mobile workforce.

91% of the UK coverage from at least one operator but only 66% is covered by all four operators.

Blackspot areas therefore range from 34% on a single carrier to 9% on multi carrier (all four networks), that's over 70% less black spots.

OFCOM's statistics mirror of KeySIM's field test studies - there are very few areas with no signal at all however signal is often available from just one or two operators which change from area to area.

You can read the full article at

Mobile connectivity issues
Mobile Network Issues highlight need for connectivity back up

Recent issues with mobile carriers again hightlight the need for organisations to have a resilient mobile connectivity back up in place for when the unforeseen events occur.

Various media outlets including the BBC reported connectivity issues across the country - BBC News | UK mobile networks face problems - outages and faults are relatively uncommon but occur with enough frequency to make back up planning essential for any business deploying a remote workforce.

KeySIM is the most resilient 4G data SIM available as it connects to all mobile carriers, allowing employees to stay connected during an outage and reducing mobile black spots - starter packages at £7.45 per month offer fantastic value to organisations of all sizes.

Shropshire County tests highlight the importance of complete network carrier access

KeySIM were approached by a business owner struggling to get mobile signal in Shropshire and thought it would be enlightening to run some tests. Six random areas were selected and we tested KeySIM.

In some areas there was good signal from all carriers, in other areas there was only coverage from one carrier. The definitive conclusion was to achieve maximum coverage you must have access to all four networks.

Follow this link to see the results.
KeySIM website and product launched

The first incarnation of our website is live and we are ready to take orders. We will be adding lots of content and features to our site as time goes on with a particular focus on our customers experiences of KeySIM. We are now open for business and ready to execute some strategic sales alliances in addition to our direct sales channel.

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Key IoT enter into strategic ISP Partnership.

Key IoT are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with a specialist ISP with expertise in high bandwidth high security data transit. Graham Robinson, Managing Director of Key IoT commented "we are happy to make this announcement now our formalities are complete. Key IoT can focus on solution development and customer service, secure in the knowledge that our customers' traffic is in extremely safe hands"

Key IoT agree connectivity supply deal.

Key IoT are pleased to announce it has agreed a connectivity supply deal with multi billion pound turnover MNO. Graham Robinson, Managing Director of Key IoT commented ‘we are pleased to officially announce a partnership arrangement following months of talks behind the scenes, this deal represents an outstanding opportunity for Key IoT and our connectivity partner to amalgamate our considerable expertise to create genuinely game changing solutions for our customers’

Key IoT Limited incorporated.

It’s day one of the KeySIM journey as Key IoT is incorporated.