How our clients use our unique IoT SIM card

CSC Security
Commercial Safety Consultants use our IoT SIM for Safety Devices

Personal safety devices are particularly complex when it comes to selecting the most appropriate IoT SIM.

This is because most IoT SIM’s are either data only or data and SMS. Invariably a personal safety device will need wide area voice coverage to the person in danger can communicate with a response coordinator effectively.

So KeySIM’s multi network SIM connecting to Vodafone, O2, EE & Three for wide area coverage with UK voice enabled proved to be the perfect solution for Commercial Safety Consultants. Following successful trial we are delighted to see their devices having SIM cards upgraded to the UK’s premier IoT SIM.

IoT SIM proves perfect for Poffles

Poffles coffee and cake emporium contacted us about trialling our IoT SIM for taking payments.

Following a successful trial we are delighted to welcome them as the latest member of the KeySIM family.

Multi network SIM cards are perfect for payment systems, especially if you have 2G capability in your modem because 2G is less prone to congestion if there are crowds congesting the local cell towers.

Read more about poffles here

Medical Charity deploy multi network SIM cards in 4G push to talk radio’s

Push to talk Radio’s connected by SIM cards are perfect for multi network SIM cards as they need the extra coverage provided by being able to connect to Vodafone, O2, EE and Three from one SIM and do not consume vast amounts of data.

KeySIM are delighted to welcome a medical charity who is upgrading all its 4G radio’s with KeySIM.

Crystal Clear Logo
Crystal clear media use multi network sim on digital display screen in Manchester

Crystal clear media provide digital advertising services which use IoT SIM cards for connectivity used to update content remotely.

When connectivity was lost on Axis Tower in Manchester they turned to KeySIM’s multi network SIM card and like magic everything was connected again.

They were so happy we even got a LinkedIn shout out from the MD

Crystal Clear LinkedIn

Read more about crystal clear media here -

Mountain Rescue Logo
KeySIM welcome North East Wales Mountain rescue association

Following in the footsteps of North Wales mountain rescue KeySIM are delighted to support North East Wales mountain rescue association with multi network SIM card connectivity which is perfect in rural areas such as mountain ranges.

Clean Cut Sports Livestream using Teltonika RUTX12 and multi network KeySIM

Since 2010 Clean Cut Sports have provided live coverage of various sporting events.

They needed a updated connectivity solution and KeySIM was a perfect fit, the router of choice was the dual modem Teltonika RUTX12.

Out network steerer is particularly useful as it allows them to select the 2 mobile networks with the best bandwidth on any given day which can be bonded together as the RUTX12 has dual modem technology.

Read more about clean cut sports here -

Casita Catering choose KeySIM for payment back up connectivity at Glastonbury festival

It is safe to assume the local mobile cell towers might be a little bit congested around Glastonbury during the 2023 festival.

Network congestion wont be ruining the day for Casita catering who are taking a multi network sim card with a Teltonika RUT956 for 2G/3G/4G on Vodafone, O2, EE or Three AND a Teltonika TRB255 so they can make use of the brand new Vodafone narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) channel in the event there is no 2G on any mobile network to allow them to take payments.

Anywhere WiFi Logo
Anywhere WiFi partner with KeySIM to connect the NHS

Anywhere WiFi are UK and EU distributers of the Mobile Broadband Kit, or MBK.

The MBK is a specialist battery powered connectivity hub which allows dozens of users to connect to the internet at the same time for many hours.

KeySIM have partnered with Anywhere WiFi on a number of projects including connecting front line NHS staff serving our communities.

Nick Arnold, Managing Director of Anywhere WiFi commented ‘A multi network fixed IP SIM card and MBK is a perfect match the NHS, we are particularly pleased with the network switcher which allows us to steer users to the fastest mobile networks in the even one of them loses bandwidth’.

You can read more about Anywhere WiFi here -

4G CCTV Logo
4G CCTV use KeySecure to remove risks associated with the public fixed IP SIM card

KeySIM are partnering with 4G CCTV for the provision of multi-network SIM cards for deployment across the UK.

In addition to connecting to Vodafone, O2, EE and Three KeySecure provide 4G CCTV with the prefect private access point by allowing secure access to the private IP address of the SIM, removing the risks associated with public fixed IP SIM cards.

Kevin Hamilton of 4G CCTV commented 'Keysecure is ideal for us, we considered public fixed IP SIM cards but private fixed IP is more secure and cost effective'.

Read more about 4G CCTV here -

RE:Sure Logo
RE:SURE CCTV integration removes need for public fixed IP SIM

Multi Network SIM cards, private IP networking without a public fixed IP SIM was the order of the day for fast growing and innovative CSC Security Consultants and RE:SURE Monitoring.

The Teltonika RUT360 was the router of choice and KeySIM are delighted to have been featured in a case study on the project

You can read the case study here:
IoT Connectivity for Smart Video Surveillance Systems (

Groundworks Scotland Logo
Groundworks Scotland use KeySIM and CATQ10 to connect staff

KeySIM were contacted by Groundworks solutions on Linkedin who had connectivity problems on sites with poor mobile signal coverage.

Using a CATQ10 and KeySIM multi network SIM the connectivity issues were resolved.

Further KeySIM’s have been rolled out in android tablets to other members of staff.

You can read more about Groundworks Scotland here

Executive Partnership Group Logo
Executive Partnership use Teltonika TRB140 & KeySIM for CCTV Towers

Founded by seasoned security expert Mike Lynch in 2019, Executive Partnership Group have grown to become the trusted security partner for organizations across the UK.

Services range from Personnel protection to consultancy and physical security services.

CCTV Towers provide clients with instantly deployable property protection and KeySIM are delighted to have been chosen as multi network SIM provider deployed in teltonika TRB140 gateway’s.

Read more about The Executive Partnership here

Vizulink Logo
Vizulink Marketing Solutions use KeySIM and Teltonika RUT360 for digital signage updates

Vizulink marketing solutions provide a suite of IoT solutions including digital signage, lane management solutions and digital advertising.

Resilient connectivity forms a crucial part of the operation making KeySIM the perfect choice of Multi Network SIM card because it connects to Vodafone, O2, EE or Three to guarantee a connection wherever there is 3G or 4G coverage from any mobile network.

The router of choice is the Teltonka RUT360.

Read more about vizulink here

Countryside Connections Logo
Countryside Connections use KeySIM to support the Monmouthshire community and beyond

Countryside connections support the local community of Monmouthshire and surrounding areas providing a diverse range of technology services ranging from 4G Broadband and VoIP to 4G CCTV and security systems.

With cutting edge technologies at the heart of there operations KeySIM’s multi network SIM provides a fantastic backbone for IoT and security applications in addition to the additional service layers and support on offer.

Your can read more about countryside connections here

AB Investigations Logo
AB Private investigators use KeySIM for multi network SIM cards

Ab Investigations offer a suite of investigative services ranging from surveillance to international chaperon.

It is crucial the best IoT SIM card is used for the transmission of sensitive data making KeySIM multi network SIM card the obvious choice with private APN and fixed IP options.

Read more about AB investigators here

CSC Security Logo
CSC Security Consultants use KeySIM and Teltonika RUT360 for monitored CCTV systems

Covert Security Consultants was founded in March 2007 and provide bespoke security services to major brands across the UK & Republic of Ireland.

KeySIM have been appointed as primary SIM card supplier to deliver the highest level of connectivity across CSC’s estate of monitored CCTV systems.

Duncan Cassin, Managing Director of CSC commented:

‘Many larger companies could learn so much from the approach of KeySIM to resolving any issues, be they sales, techincal or customer service related. In working hours or out of working hours KeySIM is always there for CSC’.

You can read more on the services provided by CSC at

Covert Group Choose KeySIM for 4G CCTV cameras

The Covert Group are a leading UK manufacturer of covert 4G CCTV cameras. KeySIM have been selected as SIM card partner.

Vernon Griffiths, founder of The Covert Group commented:

‘We needed a PAYG SIM with UK and Global APN and multi network capability, Within 36 hours we had one working in the Canadian Hills, one in the UK and one in Spain!’

More information on The Covert Group and be found here

North Wales Mountain Rescue Association appoint KeySIM for rural connectivity

KeySIM are pleased to have been appointed as connectivity provider to North Wales Mountain Rescue Association.

Initial roll out includes Llanberis Mountain Rescue and Aberdyfi Search & Rescue Team with further teams to follow in future.

LTP Streaming use KeySIM for live broadcasting

LTP Streaming are live and virtual event streaming specialists.

With connectivity being critical LTP have developed their own vehicle mounted connectivity hub using KeySIM's multi network data SIM card for cellular connectivity.

LTP founder Alex Byrd commented 'some of the key elements are the sims in the routers from KeySIM bonded with Bondix Intelligence B.V. software on the router.

Great not being tied to one provider so the antennas can get the best connection possible.'

More on LTP Streaming can be found at

OS Contracts selects KeySIM as connectivity provider

OS Contracts Limited are a long-established services company, providing services such as EPOS, tills, CCTV and access control, with a reputation for quality and reliability.

KeySIM are delighted to announce a connectivity partnership to provide secure cellular connectivity for a bespoke application developed by OS - read more about OS contracts here https:/

The Haven Data Services Logo
KeySIM supports North West IT Managed Services Provider - The Haven Data Services

Christian Bradley is passionate about his customer service, and having headed up IT teams for multiple organisations the natural progression was to start his own IT company. The Haven was the result of his experience and passions and is currently flourishing within a year of incorporating.

Christian was naturally drawn to KeySIM due to its useful features and ease of use and had a perfect use case - a multi-site visit to Scotland in areas renowned for poor coverage.

Christian was blown away with the results and commented

"I visited sites where there is next to no connectivity, usually no 4G is available on my standard network, however, as KeySIM and their router automatically switches between different network providers I could utilise any network and gain a strong signal everywhere ensuring I was always contactable which is vital to maintain customer service levels and productivity! I would like to take a moment to thank both Graham and KeySIM for their amazing product and their own customer service throughout."

You can connect with Christian on linkedin here

Network repairs
KeySIM keeps family connected following broadband outage

When a car crash took down the local line it caused major problems for Kate, a mum from Norfolk who was unable to complete interactive online school lessons with her children.

A mixture of repair delays and the failure of other mobile hubs came to our attention via Twitter so we offered to help.

KeySIM connected the whole family to the internet until the repair work was complete and we were pleased with Kate's feedback on her experience;

"Amazing product... it does what it says it does, it turned up when they said it would, and the customer service was beyond second to none."

KeySIM comes in handy for North Wales family

We recently field tested in North Wales and we were delighted to hear positive feedback from another happy user who lives and works in this magnificent area;

From Cath, a Charity CEO based in North Wales

"Living in a lovely small village in North Wales has it's advantages but good internert and phone signal is not one of them. So with myself and my husband trying to work from home and keep our happy but impatient 2 year old entertained can sometimes be more than challenging!! When the internet randomly disconnects, as it regularly does, having KeySIM is an actual lifesaver. It's so simple and quick to set up and the connection is fast. Without any broadband connections, we can use a tablet loaded with out toddler's favourite streaming TV, apps, games and youtube channels by connecting wirelessly to the KeySIM pocket WiFi router and once again return to a happy household! We have had multiple devices all using the KeySIM at once and can honestly say it has been reliable and speedy - genuinely considering scrapping broadband, saving on the line rental, and just use KeySIM."

Child homeschooling on computer
KeySIM provides family with urgent connectivity

In the chaos of covid-19 families are being unexpectedly moved from place to place - one such family came to the attention of our MD who learned they were struggling with no internet, we got them connected in no time and were delighted with the feedback;

"We were suddenly repatriated back to the UK (husband still in Accra). With the upheaval of leaving our life and moving back into an unfurnished house with no utilities, Graham and KeySIM literally saved us. We are heavy internet users, kids on devices, virtual homeschooling and running my business online, KeySIM works amazingly. We have had no hiccups and can continue our 'online' lives with no issues. Thank you Graham for reaching out to us and offering us a flawless services with KeySIM. We are so grateful."

Bass Fishing Wales logo
KeySIM connects Aberdovey fishing guide

Bass Fishing Wales (BFW) is run by Matthew Rickard and based in the picturesque West Wales coastal town of Aberdovey, situated on the Dyfi Estuary with access to some of the best bass fishing reefs in Wales and the United Kingdom.

Matthew's love of the outdoors is also his day job in the warmer months as he guides people around this incredible coastline.

Mobile connectivity is notoriously problematic in the area making BFW a classic KeySIM user as they are on the move in a poor 4G coverage area.

BFW were delighted with KeySIM, Matthew commented "It works in places I didn't think it would. My mate lost signal earlier, I said here plug in to this. He was amazed."

KeySIM connects rural farm

Hayley Hanson handcrafts an artisan range of luxury bags and accessories in her farm based workshop in Breconshire.

Reliable internet proved problematic for years and Hayley called upon KeySIM to try and help fix the problem after reading about them in a local ad.

KeySIM provided instant high speed internet and is a valuable tool when away from the farm as it will switch mobile carriers when needed. The added bonus of multi network is it will provide a fall back option in the event of an outage.

Hayley commented ‘so happy I can actually fully function from one space, it’s a big relief from a daily frustration’.

KeySIM proves it’s worth in Scotland

A KeySIM router was despatched to its first trial customer, based in Scotland, and we were delighted to get our first written feedback;

"Hi Graham, the SIM has worked really well at places I usually get zero connectivity. Today I walked the dogs to my local. Its a black spot for 4G but I managed a connection"

"I've also had it to a couple of fishing marks where I get no signal and got better download speeds than my hard wired BT connection at home."