Connect to Vodafone, O2, EE or Three in the UK & 406 global networks with the worlds only PAYG multi network SIM

Connected world

No minimum contracts


IPsec option


SMS & voice option


£4pm - UK Data £3.75GB

Multi network, superior coverage

KeySIM gets signal in more places than normal SIM cards by connecting to all four UK networks.

International business travellers can connect to 406 networks globally.

The OFCOM connected nations report 2021 highlights the additional landmass coverage available by connecting to multiple networks throughout the UK with Scotland seeing a 84% increase in coverage area compared to shared landmass coverage from individual networks.

KeySIM are trusted by a range of commercial organisations from sole traders to large businesses and government agencies to deliver secure and reliable connectivity.

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Mobile broadband

Business mobile broadband

If your business needs one or thousands of data SIM cards KeySIM is the answer.

You experience a more reliable connection as we connect your business to the internet using a private internet service provider.

Our flexible PAYG model means you only pay for the data you use and you can turn SIM cards on, off and back on again instantaneously whenever you like and only pay for the days they are on.

PAYG often results in significant savings for your business because you avoid paying for data you never actually consume or suffer excessive overage fees for exceeding allowances.

You can use as little or as much data as you like with automated monitoring tools ensuring your costs are kept under control.

With flexible commercial models, superior coverage and dedicated bandwidth KeySIM is the best mobile broadband SIM for business in the UK.

KeySIM is also the only data SIM in the world which can be switched to a mobile network of your choice online, instantly. In the UK and globally.

Would you like to try KeySIM?

We offer free trial SIM’s with 500mb data to eligible UK businesses.

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The internet of things, or M2M communications is used for automated data transmission and measurement between mechanical or electronic devices. In other words, this is the means by which your devices talk to one another through the internet.

There are numerous applications for IoT connectivity across a wide range of business sectors. With KeySIM's backend management portal, we give you the power to manage your sims remotely and most importantly instantly.

Once our sims are paired with your device, whether you simply want to allow our sims to automatically switch to the most prominant network, or utilise our world's first network switching module. KeySIM gives you total control over your devices from anywhere in the world.

Secure server cyber security

Virtual routing & cyber security

Certain applications require additional layers of cyber security within the cellular connectivity infrastructure.

We deliver unique and highly customisable solutions using our virtual routers hosted in our data centres.

Our virtual router solutions can deliver highly secure bespoke solutions all from the KeySIM cloud, without the need for expensive hardware.

Using our simple friendly interface routers can be assigned and removed from your KeySIM in real time.

Below are examples of how virtual routers deliver cutting edge solutions across a range of applications.

Fixed IP sim

Public fixed IP SIM Cards - used in applications where you require inbound access to KeySIM from the public internet.

Private fixed IP SIM Cards - used in applications where you require private authenticated inbound access to KeySIM from your infrastructure.

Guaranteed IP Presentation – for software systems using IP presentation for authentication procedures KeySIM can guarantee the same IP address will be presented from your KeySIM's so you only need to open your firewall to a single IP address.

Public and private fixed static IP
Secure VPN IPsec

IPsec tunnelling

Using a secure VPN tunnel our virtual router backhauls connectivity into your infrastructure.

This is a private cellular network with your KeySIM's at the tail of your corporate infrastructure or hosted system such as AWS or Azure.

Website filtering

Filtering enables you to specify IP addresses or websites which can be accessed from KeySIM and only these can be connected to by employees.

Website filtering


KeySIM can be used with any 3G, 4G & 5G compatible hardware like android tablets and ipads so if you already own hardware you can use our PAYG SIM only service.

We also offer hardware preprogrammed and tested with KeySIM's.

The table below briefly describes some of the hardware we supply - click the model link for detailed information.

CAT is modem category – higher categories generally equate to faster speeds and performance. We recommend CAT6 for fixed broadband.

SIM's – single SIM devices have one SIM card slot and dual have two. Dual SIM routers are designed for critical applications such as CCTV which can be securely interconnected into your choice of alarm receiving centre using virtual routers.

Modems – dual modem routers have two modems so can offer two concurrent internet connections so there is no downtime if a SIM switch is required.
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