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IoT SIM Card with access to multiple networks.

The Internet of things or IoT is a term used to describe connecting devices to the internet, such as security cameras, alarm systems, smart devices, home appliances, smart meters etc. In many cases these devices are connected using a data SIM card.

Multi Network IoT SIM cards get better signal coverage and bandwidth than single network SIM cards because they are able to connect to multiple mobile networks rather than just one.

In the UK there are four mobile networks Vodafone, O2, EE, & Three. KeySIMs are able to connect to any of these.

There are many places in the UK where only one of the four networks has signal or sufficient bandwidth to transit data so a multi network SIM card makes perfect sense for remote deployments or where fixed broadband is not available.

On many occasions a multi network SIM card will be the difference between your solution connecting to the internet or not because it will get signal in places a single network SIM does not.

OFCOM statistics illustrate how landmass coverage area is improved when using a multi network SIM card.

IoT multi network sims
Network Steering

Why KeySIM’s network steering is important?

Multi network SIM cards do not connect to the strongest or fastest network. They connect to the network selected by the modem in your chosen hardware.

KeySIM puts network selection back in your hands because your SIM can be instantly steered to your choice of mobile network. One click and you can switch a SIM’S mobile networks from anywhere in the world – KeySIM are the first company in the world to provide this capability.

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KeySecure offers remote access and cyber security options

KeySIM can connect to open internet like a standard SIM card or you can add security layers using our KeySecure service.

KeySecure is a suite of software and services hosted in private data centers which add additional security and functionality onto your multi network SIM cards.

KeySecure can be custom built or you can choose from standard features such as:

  • Remote VPN access
  • Fixed Private IP
  • Guaranteed outbound IP address
  • IPSec Tunnelling
  • Website/IP address filtering

Easy SIM Management with KeyOnline

KeySIM online is an easy-to-use SIM management portal.

View SIM’s online status, current mobile network and how many megabytes of data each SIM has consumed in real time.

Instantly turn SIM’s on, off and back on again - there are no minimum terms so save money by only paying for days & data consumed.



KeySIM is the most commercially advantageous IoT SIM for your business.

No minimum contracts or data pools with expensive overages. No Administration overhead managing renewal and allowances. No nasty surprises.

Simply pay for what you need with plans to suit every budget and data requirement.

Who are KeySIM

We are a small team established in 2019 to create the best Multi Network SIM card in the UK.

We succeeded and now supply hundreds of companies with more added weekly.

Who are KeySIM
Secure VPN IPsec

Technical Support

You will probably need support when you embark on your IoT journey.

When you do you just email or call us and we will assist you with your query immediately. No support tickets. No waiting. No delays.