CATM & NB-IOT are new dedicated technologies destined to change the IoT landscape forever.

Network congestion may be a thing of the past with networks rolling out the new technology at pace.

2G/3G/4G/5G has been the standard frequency bands for IoT since IoT became a thing. It has and still does do a great job in the majority of cases, especially when a multi network SIM card is used.

There are however glaring problems for certain use cases not least busy events where local cell towers become so congested from thousands of smartphones being connected to them resulting in them not having spare bandwidth to move IoT data.

It is rare but sometimes even a multi network SIM card won’t help you! It is possible in the UK for all 4 mobile networks Vodafone, O2, EE & Three to all have bandwidth problems. Up until now the work around has been to downgrade to 2G or to steer away from the congested frequencies.

KeySIM’s currently support NB-IOT on Vodafone with CATM on 02 expected to follow shortly, follow the links below for more on this exiting new era for IoT. PS: remember you need a CATM/NB-IOT compatible modem. For example see our Teltonika section for more details

Vodafone NB-IoT page

O2 CATM coverage map