SMS and Voice on Multiple Mobile Networks


Harness the power of SMS and Voice in your IoT deployment.

SMS can be an extremely useful tool for IoT deployments. We encourage IoT solution designers to carefully consider the use of SMS alongside data usage for a multitude of reasons.

It works on a separate channel to 2G/3G/4G/5G data channels. Therefore if the data channel is unavailable SMS could be the difference between missing a critical message or not or being able to communicate with the remote device.

SMS is a great back up. It is also a fantastic option for updating settings in SMS compatible hardware or to bring a disconnected device back online. We have seen all kinds of things happen from devices locking up and needing a reboot to deleting settings following a firmware update which need updating over SMS. Without SMS you may have to physically recover devices and if we imagine situations where you have hundreds or thousands of devices deployed it becomes abundantly clear how vital SMS can be.

There are two options for communicating with your KeySIM’s over SMS. You can send and receive SMS messages from a smartphone just like a normal SIM or through our management portal KeyOnline.