Frequenty Asked Questions.


Below are some frequently asked questions on our IoT SIM – you can find in depth answers to technical questions by visiting our resources section.

How did such a small team create the best IOT SIM in the UK?

Our team learned through first hand experience what was good and bad and with IOT SIM’s. By integrating Tele2’s backbone with a private ISP Faelix and building a super interface we made the good bits better, removed the bad bits and layered lots more on top.

KeySIM only incorporated in 2019 so why should I trust you with my IOT project?

Millions of MB of KeySIM data is consumed monthly, we have over 100 corporate clients and add to this weekly. Only a few companies in the world consume more Tele2 data than KeySIM so you can be assured you are in the best possible hands.

KeySIM’s commercial model is unusually good so tell me more.

SIM subscriptions and data pools are a sure-fire way to waste money. Subscription management is a nightmare when you have end dates and anniversaries to contend with at the same time as adding new SIM’s and inevitably having to cancel some – we went PAYG to eradicate that waste and admin overhead in one foul swoop.

Why has this not been done before?

KeySIM is not the first or only multi network IOT SIM but we believe it to be the first to connect to all UK networks, remotely steerable with the niche cyber security and remote access modules we can build using keysecure.

What is the difference between KeySIM and a mobile broadband SIM?

Mobile broadband SIM’s do not have the same coverage area as a multi network SIM because they only connect to one mobile network. There is no option for adding cyber security modules or remote access modules to mobile broadband SIM’s. KeySIM is specifically designed for IOT but can be used as a back-up broadband SIM.

What are the options for remote access?

We can allocate private fixed IP's or you can create you own VPN’s using Keysecure. Public fixed IP’s are insecure so will only be allocated in rare circumstances.

How do I programme my hardware to connect to the internet with KeySIM?

Enter APN name 'key' (no password). Set network selection to 'auto' & KeySIM will switch networks if you drop out of service on the last known network. You can set network selection to 'manual' and select a specific network but remember to change this back to 'auto' if you want KeySIM to automatically switch networks.

Am I locked in contract?

No. KeySIM is PAYG and SIM cards can be turned on off and back on again whenever you like. You receive an invoice at the end of the month for days and data consumed.

Can I use KeySIM for voice calls and SMS?

UK Voice can be enabled for emergency use for UK. SMS messages can be sent to and from your KeySIM’s.

Will KeySIM work everywhere in the UK?

KeySIM will work wherever there is 2g, 3g, 4g coverage on at least one of the UK mobile networks, or 5G on Vodafone, EE and O2.

Can I use KeySIM Globally?

Yes you can please visit our global roaming section for more information