Live Streaming


The success of your live streaming project hinges on resilient connectivity and a multi network SIM card is a perfect ingredient for your connectivity mix.

Live streaming connectivity is a unique discipline because any interruption to service can have a catastrophic impact on the viewing experience, nobody wants to watch a stuttering or freezing event.

It is advisable to use a mixture of connectivity backbones rather than relying on just one and you will often bond the connections together into a single consistent steam using software such as Bondix.

LTE and 5G connectivity on a multi-network SIM can be used as an essential element of your connectivity mix and KeySIM is the ideal choice for a number of reasons, here are the top 3:

  • #1 network steering so you can set your batch of SIM cards onto non competing networks, there is little point in having multiple SIM cards connected to the same mobile network .
  • #2 PAYG pricing means you can use the SIM on an ad hoc basis without being tied into contracts.
  • #3 Compatible with Bondix just reduce the MTU (maximum transfer rate) to 1340.

Read how LTP streaming use KeySIM for live streaming here.

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