Reolink 4G CCTV Cameras


Reolink manufacture a range of connected CCTV cameras which can stream video footage to the internet for viewing on your computer or IOS/Android smartphone application.

Reolink Go Plus uses 3G and 4G connectivity to livestream your video footage making a multi network SIM card the ideal choice.

Reolink 4G CCTV

Some of our clients use Reolink camera’s for remote CCTV monitoring and really like them. It is easy to see why because they are affordable and easy to set up with no ongoing service cost’s, you simply load the application onto your computer or smartphone, add your camera, provide it with power and a SIM card and bingo you have a great little CCTV system.

There is PIR detection, 2 way talk and solar charging options available so for around £165 these are great value camera’s.

We found the section on data consumption notable as it shows data consumption in fluent mode (3mbps) at 250MB and consumption in 1440p mode at 2000MB.

KeySIM data costs per hour can therefore be estimated as follows:

  • Cost Per Hour Fluent mode – 250MB @ £0.00375 = £0.94
  • Cost Per Hour 1440p mode – 2000MB @ £0.00375 = £7.50
We made a little youtube video showing 1440p vs Fluent and think that Fluent is fine, especially as you are able to toggle back to 1440p with a single click.

You must add our Access Point Name (APN) to the camera for it to work. You achieve this by maing a text file called my_custom_apn with the following file contents:


Upload to SD card root directory of the SD card, turn off the camera before inserting it then turning back on. Give it a minute then restart the camera. You will hear "APN setting has been imported successfully. Network connection succeeded" voice if import the APN is successful.

Full details on the camera can be found here: