Some M2M and IoT projects require additional functionality on top of open internet access.

KeySIM’s break out to the internet privately from our own Internet Service Provider (ISP). The mobile network is used to connect you modem to a cell and from there the connection is routed into our ISP through Tele2 IoT’s infrastructure so the mobile network networks are not controlling the breakout point. Within the ISP’s core are securely hosted servers in multiple data centers in the UK and overseas.

Private breakout our own infrastructure using private dedicated bandwidth means the connection is more stable and we are able to layer additional capabilities onto your data SIM cards using what we call KeySecure modules.

KeySecure can be built to specifications to perform pretty much any task. KeySecure services can be added or removed from your SIM’s instantly on your KeyOnline portal.
For example, KeySecure has been programmed to only allow staff access to works email for emergency use but they temporarily require open internet access for some reason.
You would simply change the SIM service from the custom KeySecure service to the KeySIM open internet service then once the task is finished toggle back to the restricted custom KeySecure service.

A selection of the more common capabilities are described below:

  • Remote VPN Access

    Ideal for when you need to remotely connect into your router or end point securely. With our VPN you have a private connection directly into the private fixed IP allocated to your KeySIM leaving your device inaccessible from the internet and therefore secure. See Public fixed IP vs Private fixed IP for more information.

  • Fixed Public IP (not recommended)

    We are not fans of public fixed IP’s. They are SIM cards with fixed public IP’s that can be connected by anyone on the internet. They are often used as a quick solution by non-technical people who do not understand the risks of allowing anybody to hit the interface of your router. Cyber security risks aside they also come with a commercial risk because even if illegitimate connection requests are rejected by the firewall rules in the router data costs will still be incurred as the communication has to get as far as the router before it can be rejected. KeySIM can provide a public fixed IP but they come with costs and risks which means they should only be used in exceptional circumstances with additional controls in place to mitigate the risks described.

  • Guaranteed Outbound IP Address

    Certain software as a service (SAAS) applications require an estate of SIM cards to display a specific IP address for a bank of SIM’s. Often this is required for 2 factor authentication (2FF) or to satisfy firewall rules on the server side opened up only to the IP address presented by the SIM cards.

  • IPSec Tunnelling

    Should staff or IoT applications systems need incredibly secure access to corporate systems we can build an encrypted IPsec tunnel between our private ISP and the customer infrastructure to create a mini private wide area network, utilising multiple mobile networks.

  • Website/IP address filtering

    To control costs and secure your application you are able to restrict which websites or IP addresses can be accessed by the SIM card.