Huawei Pocket Routers


Huawei produces a large range of WiFi dongles, USB Sticks and Home Broadband routers. Multi Network SIM cards allow you to stay connected in hard to reach places.

The Huawie E5577 is the perfect mobile hotspot for emergency WiFI using a multi network SIM card. We like the E5577 because it is one of the few battery powered pocket routers with an LCD display showing you which mobile network you are connected to.

KeySIM Huawei Router

When you use a multi network SIM card with the E5577 you will notice the networks on the screen change as you travel around as one network looses service and another network picks it up. The E5577 is popular with consumers and businesses looking for a cost effective and basic web browsing experience or for emergency WiFi when your phone has no service.

You can hotspot to a pocket router when you have no phone service and in addition to browsing the internet you are able to make calls using WiFi calling from your normal telephone numbers.

Businesses looking to add cyber security layers are able to use our KeySecure suite of services to encrypt and secure employees multi network connectivity.

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