Multi Network SIM cards are accessible and affordable.

Save money on your IoT SIM’s by only paying for what you use.

KeySIM is built differently to other Multi Network IoT SIM cards. From instant 24/7 support by our incredible team, immunity from issues caused by modem network selection to KeySecure private networking, we have your every need covered.

It gets even better when you see our pricing and commercial plans. No contracts. You may not know how long you need SIM’s for or you may lose them. That’s not a problem just deactivate on KeyOnline and billing will stop that same day, we don’t even charge a 30 day notice period.

No data pools. Traditional data pools are farcical. They require you to estimate an unknown volume of data that will be consumed by an unknown volume of SIM cards over a unknown period of time. When you make your best guess you sign a contract for 12, 24 or even 36 months. Each month one of two things will happen:

  • You use less data than you committed to so you overpay for excess data that you will never use. This is very common, we see actual utilization at 50/75% of what is being paid for.
  • You use more data than you committed to so pay a premium for ‘out of pool’ data. This is your penalty for not correctly estimating data consumption or legislating for a SIM using more data than it should in the month.

Once you roll out your SIM’s you are trapped because they are in contract and you have to maintain your data pool or pay the penalty, if you exceed the pool you will often be encouraged to increase and extend the pool.

This is why KeySIM’s do not have data pools, they are effectively PAYG so can be turned on, off and back on again and you only pay for days where the SIM was activated and any data consumed, you get an easy to understand invoice and excel itemisation at the end of each month to pay by bacs or on a credit card, you don’t pay anything until you are happy with your invoice.

Pricing 1-50 SIM’s

  • Low data usage (for up to 50MB) - £1 per month data £0.04MB
  • Medium data usage (for up to 120MB) - £2 per month data £0.02MB
  • High data usage (over 120MB) - £4 per month data £0.00375MB
  • SMS - £0.10 per SMS
  • Voice – additional £1 per month calls £0.09 per minute (UK only)
  • Public fixed IP £15 per month per SIM (not recommended see our public vs private IP article)
  • KeySecure services are POA

If you require more than 50 SIM cards please contact us to discuss your requirements.