“I visited sites where there is next to no connectivity... as KeySIM switches between different network providers I had a strong signal everywhere ensuring I was always contactable”

Christian Bradley - Haven Data Services

Easy set up, Fast connection

By combining KeySIM Premium with our pocket router, up to 10 devices can access to 4 networks at the same time!

About KeySIM Premium

Being connected has never been more important.

Individual mobile carriers provide adequate levels of coverage and uptime is generally good.

There are however many places covered by only one network and sometimes carriers do suffer outages.

KeySIM Premium connects to multiple networks across Europe (Vodafone, EE, 02, Three in UK) and uses private interconnectivity to reduce buffering.

KeySIM Premium provides reassurance to you and your family - it could end up being the best thing you ever bought.


Data Consumed in Month

Monthly Rental Per SIM

Data Cost Per GB

Less than 99



100 to 999



1000 - 4999






Fixed Link Transit



Contact us for details of volume pricing and business credit accounts.

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Fixed Links (Optional)

Monthly fixed link costs are priced on application and are subject to 24 month minimum terms, availability and maximum monthly data volumes.

Below are approximate monthly costs and data volume units.

FTTC - £60 - 800GB
FTTP - £125 - 8k GB
Leased Line - £400 - 100k GB

*Prices exclude VAT.

KeySIM pricing will reduce in 2021, to be notified of price reductions please click below.