Pricing & Ordering

Important Pricing Information

KeySIM is specialist multi carrier connectivity that will enable you to access the internet in more places than ever before.

Multi carrier access results in higher data costs than single network connectivity - we recommend using KeySIM as backup when you have no service or your network suffers an outage.

KeySIM is comfortably the most cost effective way of accessing all UK 4G networks - it's a fraction of what it would cost to buy separately from each network.

SIM only plans

Plans are flexible meaning you can switch or cancel at any time. All prices include VAT.

keysim plan


£7.45 per month

keysim plan


£12.95 per month

keysim plan


£19.45 per month

keysim plan


£23.95 per month

Other data plans are available along with data top-ups at a cost of £5.45 per GB.

keysim pocket router

Pocket WiFi Router

Purchase this Hauwei Mobile WiFi Router for a one-off cost of £59.95 when you choose your data plan.

How to order

Follow these easy steps to order from KeySIM:


Create an account by entering your email address and creating a password.


Log in to your account and choose the monthly subscription plan that’s right for you.


Enter your address, shipping details and a payment method.

That’s it. Your order will be despatched within 24 hrs.

If you decide KeySIM isn’t for you, you always have the option to cancel online, anytime.

What our customers say

Hi Graham, the SIM has worked really well at places I usually get zero connectivity. Today I walked the dogs to my local. It’s a black spot for 4G but I managed a connection.

I've also had it to a couple of fishing marks where I get no signal and got better download speeds than my hard wired connection at home.
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From Scotland

I'm so happy I can actually function from one space, it's a big relief from a daily frustration!!

For anyone that lives in the country internet is usually a nightmare and I was so fed up with it. Don't ask me the tech details of how it works but it does!
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From Breconshire

Great result! Connected phone, ipad and tv to the router. Streamed live tv programmes and youtube music with no problems from buffering. Fantastic product!
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From Welshpool